The optimal combination of static and dynamic bearing properties provides maximum performance across the entire operating range.


Air bearings from AeroLas have been validated for use in high-frequency systems (>2,500m/ s2). The achievable accelerations are solely limited by the power of the motor.


Thanks to exceedingly small disturbances to movement, air bearings from AeroLas offer a noise behaviour of a few nanometres (static <2 nm).


Even at very high supply pressures, our air bearings are free from oscillations across the entire operating range – in coordination up to more than 30 bar.

No wear or maintenance

Contactless, noiseless, particle-free, oil and fat-free: with these properties, air bearings provide highest quality, and user and environmental friendliness.


AeroLas specialises in customised solutions: geometry, material and bearing characteristics (load capacity, stiffness, tilting stiffness, damping and air consumption) are adjusted to your specific application.

Air Bearing Overview


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